• Eleni Kelley

Where to Start

It's been a busy week full of consultations of all kinds. Kitchen remodels, studio take overs, closets! I couldn't be happier with how the flow of business has been going in these first few months. One thing I have noticed is that while having an organized space is the priority overall. Sometimes you have to prioritize which space to start with. We'd all like to snap our fingers and have our home completely done but it's hard enough to do laundry in a timely manner. Here's a simple tip on where to start your organizing journey.

Start where you already spend the most time.

You will get the most enjoyment out of your efforts when you spend them on spaces you live in the most. For me it was the kitchen, then my drawers, then my closet, my laundry room, my workout space, an the list goes on. This week I organized all my photos that have been living in boxes for 30 years plus. In no way a priority, more of a dream but I could do it because all the major spaces that gave me headaches before were already done.

Organizing is a process. It's ok to take it one space at a time.

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