• Eleni Kelley

Stepping Outside Ones Comfort Zone

This week was rather uncomfortable for me. I had a slew of new clients that made my anxiety flair. Silly right? I start a new business in hopes of having many clients but the truth is I just really like the organizing part. The shopping part is fun too but for whatever reason, the meeting people to get the thing started makes my nerves run wild. I also put my face on camera this week. I took the advise of another successful business woman and went for it. You can tell I'm new but hey, I did it an dit all turned out for the better! You may be wondering how this pertains to organizing but the truth is that there aren't many people who are proud of their clutter. I've never walked into a home and someone was like, "check out my pile of stuff I've never gotten around to putting away." It's more like, "Oh, I'm so embarrassed" , or "don't mind that", or "I just haven't had time". At the end of the day, it's outside peoples comfort zone to let someone into their mess; to allow someone to not only see it but dig through it. I just want to let you know it's ok to let a professional deal with it. There's nothing embarrassing about letting a plumber fix your toilet. Or a mechanic getting under the hood of your car. "It's ok to ask for help", is something that came into conversation this week, and that phrase pertains to clutter 100% as much as it does anything else in your life. Step out of your comfort zone in hopes of letting someone else step in.

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