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My name is Eleni Kelley and I am the proud owner of three is key, llc. A teacher by day and entrepreneur by appointment the journey to this company has been most enjoyable.

If I had to look back as to when this passion for organized spaces began it wouldn't be hard to pin it down. I was raised by a long line of Greek women who took great pride in their homes and passed those priorities down to me. It only made sense that I would pursue a major in design. My years in college were some of the best memories accompanied by the best of friends. Friends who in fact, inspired my company name. Post graduation led me to a teaching degree and a masters in education. A career I love and admire. Yet, I would not be practicing what I preach if I didn't follow my dreams, take risks, and work towards living my best life. I always advise my students to do what they love in life and with three is key, llc. I get to do just that.

I truly love bringing joy into a space through organization and design. Joy that not only fills a pantry or a closet but a whole household. Trust me you'll know what I mean when I finish a job for you. I can not wait to share all that three is key, llc. has to offer!.