Three is key, llc. values your time and our own. Rates include a free consultation in order to review your space. During that time we will discuss desired results and time estimations. Three is key, llc. requires a minimum $200 commitment for all clients.


$100 Contract Signing - This fee covers Design & Purchasing Time prior to in person services rendered.


Service Rate - 50$ an hour

Your $200 minimum fee will cover your first 4 hours of service. Overall project timeline estimates will be made at time of consultation.

Payment is accepted via Cash, CC, or Venmo. 


What do 4 hours of service look like? 

Typically enough time to complete 1 single smaller sized room such as; pantry, laundry room, linen closet or bathroom.


What do 8 hours of service look like?

Typically enough time to complete 2 smaller sized rooms or 1 larger space. When one space is organized it inevitably leads you to work on another. This may pertain to combos such as laundry room/master closet, pantry or larger spaces like a garage or storage unit. 



Three is key, llc. offers expertise in organizing spaces that are efficient beautiful, and customized to your style. 


What to expect in a consultation


Let’s chat: Three is key, llc. wants to truly understand your wants and needs. What’s your style? How much do you want to spend on organizational supplies? What’s going to be the biggest take away for you when a job is complete? Three is key works to personalize your experience to provide the greatest satisfaction with a job well done.

Measurements: Organizing is both a craft and a science. It involves a keen eye and decent understanding of math. Being as efficient as possible is the goal.Using  gorgeous storage supplies is great but utilizing your space efficiently and beautifully is an art at which we excel! 


The Real Real: We’re talking about your home here! Our goal is to give your space back to you. To bring joy to every corner, behind every door, and to all who dwell  here.That sounds wonderful doesn’t it? We can help you to be realistic when  evaluating a space. Some items may have to live else where in your home. While some items items may have to go away all together. The size of your space doesn’t determine the size of the job.  Some large spaces come together very quickly and some smaller spaces can be time consuming to turn into the room of your dreams. Whichever the case, three is key, llc. feels honored that you’re entrusting your home to us. Three is key, llc. will create a swift, comfortable, and realistic  approach to meeting your needs before the process even begins. Respecting every inch of your home and supporting our  customers throughout the process is a top priority.



Three is key, llc. will provide purchasing services for all your organizational supply needs based on your requested budget. (Reference the Customer Questionnaire) An invoice of purchases will be provided and expected to be paid upon completion of services.


Please note, three is key, llc. is not a cleaning service. 

Three is key, llc. reserves the right to refuse services to any space deemed unsanitary or otherwise an unhealthy environment by our standards. If you re concerned this may be the case, it is suggested that you have your space cleaned prior to any consultation.